IBIZA 2021

Back in Germany and I HAVE to tell you about the best vacay ever (at least it was one of the best). You’ll find one or the other Ibiza tip and a detailed review on our hotel. Not because this was a collaboration – it wasn’t – but because we spent a LOT of time there. Just relaxing enjoying the beach, food and amazing views.


we stayed at Portinatx Beach Club Hotel, which I simply discovered online. It wasn’t the first BG Hotel we stayed at, so we knew more of less what expected us.

location & beaches:
The Hotel is located directly by the sea and has its own small private beach and a beach bar / restaurant (more to that later).
There are some AMAZING view point like the cliff bar or sunbeams at the cliff. Also the main restaurant has some tables with an amazing seaview, which we were always eager to sit at (and usually managed).

Even though there was a private beach, we preferred to lay at a small beach outside the hotel. Honestly, I think it was simply because when we arrived in the evening the sunspots by the private beach were already taken, so we got used to the other beach.
I really loved that beach. It usually wasn’t crowded at all (only on Sunday, I think that’s beach day for the domestics) and in the morning there were even fishes swimming with you close to the shore.
Wanna watch the sunset ? There are two really beautiful spots in walking distance.

Our room was small, but very nice and clean. We had a little bit of mold in the shower, but it was only in one corner and really small, so I think that’s quite normal.

Probably THE best buffet we ever had. It was huge and there were SO many options for everyone: about 4 different salads every evening, Paella, fisch, meat, Pasta, Pizza, Fries,…. for breakfast there were pancakes, sometimes churros and ALWAYS lots of fresh fruits. Most dishes changed every day, so even after 8 days, it didn’t get boring.
We also had dinner at the Beach once, which was also free and AMAZING! I think the tartar de salmon was the best thing I ate all week . even better than all the Paella and Calamari I had. Not to mention the view…
Oh and before you ask: we booked half-board, which definitely was a good choice. We had a good breakfast, sometimes got some ice cream or calamari by the beach and didnt really get hungry until about an hour before dinner.
Also the drinks really weren’t expensive.

The sportive activities were the main reason for us to book this hotel in specific. I LOVE playing volleyball when I’m on a do-nothing.relaxing-beach- vacation. Yes, You can usually find Volleyballfields at the beach, but I’m always afraid noone´s there to play with me, so I looked for a hotel that offers animation.
We played Volleyball nearly every day, the only time we didn’t play was the one we spent in Eivissa, and enjoyed it a lot. The animation team was super nice and there were always plenty of people to join the match. However, I have to admit that the animation team obviously didn’t really know the rules of the game. They were nice, sporty and more or less knew how to play as many people do. As someone who once played in a team, I might have high expectations, but I would have wished for the staff to know a little more than only the most basic rules (like for instance of you touch the ball, it’s your fail – no matter whether the ball would have been out of bounds,..).
But as I said: it was fun anyways and I was happy we were able to play.
They also offered Tennis – lessons for 25 euros/ hour or to rent equipment for free –  a Gym and Stand-up Paddeling, Kayak- and Mountainbiketours (which you had to pay extra though).

Covid precaution:
This might concern many people when travelling in this times. First of all: I wouldn’t have booked a trip to Ibiza had I known the numbers would increase that much. But so was it and we felt quite safe anyways. People were wearing masks inside and usually kept a distance. Also the hotel offered a lot of space and didn’t occur crowded at all.
The only thing I gotta criticize: there wasn’t a 1,5 m distance between the tables in the restaurant, so you sat pretty close to each other.
We also needed a Covid test to get back to Germany, which we could easily book at the reception a few days in advance. The doctor came to the Hotel and took the test within 5 minutes. We got the result a few hours later via email. It really wasn’t a big deal  and cost only 30 euro / person.

We obviously don’t have children, but I’d say the hotel is quite nice for children aswell. There are two pools: one separate for smaller children and their parents, which looked quite nice and one for older ones, which we also used. I’m usually annoyed quickly by children, but the hotel managed really well by still having some „wellness“ spaces 18+ and a children free area in the restaurant.
For parents it might be important to know that there are many steps, since the hotel is located on a „mountain“ by the beach, so it might be hard with a stroller.



…or Ibiza-city is the main city of Ibiza.
It was a little cloudy on our second day, so we decided to take the bus and stroll to the city. We went up the castle, had some calamari and strolled around a little.
The harbour and also the old town are really beautiful, though there is a lot of party tourism and Aisha bars, which kills the Spanish vibe a little (in my opinion). Anyways I’d definitely recommend going there, since the city and views were really great.

Stand-up Paddeling:
One of my three highlights. We booked one of the hotels SUP-Tours and payed 20 euros for a 2-hour tour.
We went across the bay, into a cave and had a a break at a viewpoint afterwards. It was great fun, but the best part was that we went cliff-jumping, which I had never done before. So much fun and you can hardly reach that spot without a paddle board or boat, so the place was quite empty.

break on our Sup-Tour

Another Highlight was the Hippie Market. Quite typical for Ibiza, I had been to Punta Arabi a few years back and loved it, so I really wanted to go again. We were a bit skeptical due to Covid and therefore decided to go to „las Dalias“ at night, hoping it would be a little less crowded.
It was fine. There were plenty of people, but it was outside and you could keep your distance quite well. And again: I loved it. The atmosphere is special, you don’t only get typical tourist-stuff but also handcrafted goods and the drinks were nice aswell. Definitely a recommendation.

Got more tips for Ibiza ? Let me know in the comments, cause it won’t be my last time on the island for sure!


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Best view i have ever seen !

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